"A Museum to Preserve the Images and Idealinks
of the In-Cashing of a National Affront
by the AmerICON Media and Its Public:
9/11/01 and the Expansive War on Terror"

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Last Updated: 12/20/05

In light of the recent events and with all that has happened since the Tragedic Day of September 11 (also known frightfully as 911), and as part of the Ongoingly Tireless Stampede to Historicization, this Museum establishedly tries to Document to the American Public the Patriotical Logos and Symbols found hither and thither amidst the AmerICON Media. If you have any questions or rememories to share, please feel the free spirit of the Plethoral Tributary Sites. There are webrings that are Cryingly Eagleful, Sadly Honorable, and Praying on Heartstrings. The horrification of a nerve-shredding advertisement for Thump-Chesting is a shakenly and quiveristic Commerciation of an AWESOME NATION that brings a Noble Tear to the Eye of the Peoplee, in the Face of Miserable Failure, Stainedly Nationalistic, Frighten, Together.